The mindful craft of pottery is booming worldwide

Pottery is the perfect tactile pastime

Art therapy has been steadily gaining traction as an effective method to reduce and ease the symptoms of mental health problems. In particular, PTSD sufferers could find that pottery is especially helpful in the healing process.

Getting lost in clay

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms can be overwhelming. Whether sufferers experience anxiety, flashbacks, anger or fear, at times these feelings and emotions can seem all-encompassing. By taking up pottery, sufferers are forced to focus fully on the task in hand, that is, molding, shaping and spinning the clay. There is little room for intrusive feelings associated with PTSD to flood the mind at this time. This means that sufferers can experience a welcome reprieve from symptoms, as they get lost in the clay.

Crucially, for those struggling to concentrate in their daily lives, pottery gives something for sufferers to focus on. It gives them a sense of enjoyment, and can reignite interest or passion in an activity.

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Why the slow, mindful craft of pottery is booming worldwide via @BBC_Culture

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